St. Patrick Church Calvary Cemetery

Respecting your preferences—personal, familial, emotional, financial, and spiritual—St. Patrick Calvary Cemetery offers a variety of Catholic burial options for those who prefer to customize their cemetery needs.

Location: Brighton Lake Rd., Brighton, MI 48116 next to the railroad crossing


Established: Established in the 1840s and deeded in 1896, Calvary Cemetery was first owned by the Archdiocese of Detroit.  In 1938, Calvary Cemetery became a part of the Diocese of Lansing, which was established May 22 , 1937.

Size: 16 acres

Cemetery Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10AM-12PM.  You can call and set up an appointment at any time by calling the parish office 810-229-9863, ext. 212.  Grave sales are by appointment only.

Click here for Cemetery Regulations.

Burial Options:Flat Markers: The flat markers are necessary for the Cremation Section of the cemetery, but are allowed on other graves as well.

Monuments: Only one upright memorial is allowed on a cemetery lot.

Family Lots: An estate lot is a family lot which contains a minimum of eight traditional grave spaces.

Baby Burial Area: Lots and burial are provided by the cemetery at no cost to the grieving family.

Mausoleum: Space available for above ground interment.

Cremation Options:Adult Grave Space: Two cremation burials in one grave is permitted, or one cremation and one full burial.

Cremation Only Burial Section: The St. Patrick Calvary Cemetery has dedicated in-ground burial areas designed to accommodate cremated human remains of one person. These cremation only grave spaces provide space for one flush 20"X10" bronze, granite, or marble flush marker. Upright memorials are not permitted.

Columbariums: Above ground space for cremated remains are available.

St. Patrick Church Monahan Old Irish Cemetery

Located in Green Oak Township

Our history dates back to 1831 when the first Irish Catholics settled in the Green Oak Township area. Rev. Thomas Morrissey, Rev. Thomas Cullen, and Rev. Patrick O’Kelly served as circuit priests to the mission churches of the time. Fr. O’Kelly, who became a resident priest to the area, held services at private homes.  As the Irish community of Green Oak continued to grow, the need for a church became apparent.

In 1838, the McNamee family donated land for a church and cemetery.  A log church was built near the cemetery, which through the years has been known by many names, including the McCabe Road, Green Oak, and Paddy Town Cemetery.

Although still owned by St. Patrick Church in Brighton, the Monahan Old Irish Cemetery is no longer used for burials. 

For a list of graves and headstones, please click here.