our partners in Christian service

The following organizations exist independently from the parish but are in alignment with Catholic social teaching and the vision of our parish. We support and promote their efforts and at times provide volunteers for their events and fundraisers. For more information, please contact our Christian Service office.


pregnancy help clinic

Pregnancy Help Clinic embraces life by offering support, education, and hope to a woman through her pregnancy decision and life journey.

Pregnancy Help Clinic (PHC) has been serving women and families in Livingston County for 43 years in a non-judgmental setting. Opened in 1975, what began as a call center to help women has grown into a limited medical facility with mentoring and material support, assisting thousands of families in our area.

Pregnancy Help Clinic believes every woman and man should feel loved and supported throughout their pregnancy and life journey. Therefore, our agency provides accurate medical information including pregnancy testing and ultrasound exams to confirm viable pregnancy, and STI testing and treatment.

Additional free services also include: pre-natal education, parent mentoring and education, baby items, support groups, professional counseling, relationship classes, and community referrals.
There is no discrimination against age, religion, race or social status. All are welcome.


bountiful harvest

Bountiful Harvest, in support of and in collaboration with human services agencies, area food banks and feeding America organizations, provides surplus, donated and low cost food and personal care items to people-in-need in Livingston County.

In 2018 Bountiful Harvest assisted: 2905 families, 10,737 individuals, 2981 children (under 18), 2675 seniors, 455 Veterans, 10,176 Friday evening & Saturday morning meals, Distributed approximately of 1/4 million pounds of food.


LOVE INc of the greater Livingston area

Our mission is to mobilize local Churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

Love INC stands for Love In the Name of Christ. As a part of a nationwide movement (Loveinc.org), we are a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and money management. To accomplish this, we assist on an individual level and on community levels. While assisting the immediate needs of folks in crisis, we also seek to transform community practices that tend to grip citizens in the hand of poverty--practices that affect community development, child care, health care, and more. Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

Our vision is to motivate and equip our local Church community to collectively support people in physical, emotional, and spiritual need, leading to self-sufficiency and a relationship with a faith community.

We are a unique collaboration of over 60 churches in Livingston County that provide a wide range of needs. Love INC has a team of specially trained volunteers that build relationships, verify needs, and determine distribution of resources. We work with our partner churches and local agencies to more efficiently and effectively use limited resources. 



The Severe Weather Network (SWN) partners with community organizations, agencies, and faith communities to provide emergency, overnight refuge during the winter months for people experiencing homelessness in Livingston County. SWN also connects individuals to community action agencies committed to providing the services necessary to assist homeless individuals with the transition into affordable housing.