BeFriender ministry

BeFriender Ministers are trained lay people who provide a listening presence to those in need of pastoral care. They work with the pastor as lay ministers. Their ministry calls them to enter into caring relationships with others at times of special need, offering spiritual and emotional support.

BeFrienders receive many hours of training in listening and communications skills, confidentiality, grief and loss, faith sharing, spirituality, aging, etc.

The St. Patrick BeFriender group is very active in offering compassion and support to the members of St. Patrick Church as well as the greater community. They provide hospitality and grief support at our parish funerals, send bereavement cards, make bereavement calls, visit hospitals, make follow up calls to those who have lost a loved one, do one-on-one home visits, and more.

If you know of someone who would benefit from a call or visit by a BeFriender, please call the Christian Service office.


OTHER grief support RESOURCES

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