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 Welcome home


To reveal the light of Christ to those who live in darkness.

While we have hundreds of ways for people to jump in, we want to let anyone who is considering joining our parish know the typical pathway that they can take to become integrated into our community.

Step 1: Worship with us


Mass Times

Mass is our central experience of communion with God and with each other. Our worship is vulnerable and joy filled.



We also come together to worship in prayer meetings and in events, to build community and to grow together.


Copy of Small Groups

Step 2: Join a small group

Life is richest when lived in community. We want to be a light to the world, and we shine the brightest when we do life together.

Join A Small Group

Copy of Homilies

Step 3: Join Our Parish

Belonging to St. Patrick doesn’t just mean being a participant in our events, it means becoming a part of our mission: to make Spirit-Filled Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Glory of God, the Father

To read more about why we do what we do, click here.

Join Our Parish

Step 4: Serve

At St. Patricks, We place ourselves at the disposal of the Spirit to serve God faithfully and fearlessly. God gives without cost to us, so we give back with total trust.