A Sacred Bond

Your marriage, like all Christian marriages, is distinct because of its relationship to God, your worship community, and the people of God. Marriage in the Catholic Church is a Sacrament—not just a legal relationship or contract. It is not just the action of the couple who are to be married, but also the action of God and the community.


Marriage Preparation

It is out of deep concern for the happiness and fulfillment of couples, as well as a serious concern for the important role which marriage plays in the life of our church community, that guidelines for marriage preparation are presented. They are intended to promote and protect the sacredness of marriage by helping couples better prepare the foundations for a stable and lasting marriage. 

Wedding Prep Coordinator

Sue Thorn


Wedding Prep FAQ

  • How do I schedule my wedding date? To schedule your wedding, you must begin the wedding prep process by contacting Sue Thorn, the wedding prep coordinator. After your intake meeting with her, you will meet with the priest/deacon officiating at your wedding and, with him, schedule your wedding date and reserve the church.

  • How soon after I begin wedding prep can my wedding day be? It is the Diocesan policy that wedding prep last at least 9 months. So your wedding date may be scheduled no sooner than 9 months after you begin wedding prep.

  • Do I need to be a registered parishioner to get married? At least one of the parents of either the bride or groom must be registered parishioner at St Pats in order to have your wedding here.

  • Do both the bride and groom need to be Catholic? No. Even if only one of the two is Catholic you may still have your wedding at St Pats.

  • Can our reception be in the church hall? No, currently we do not have the facilities on campus to host wedding receptions.

  • Can we have a wedding without Mass? Yes, it is an option to have your wedding without Mass. This is often done when many of the guests are not Catholic.

  • Can I complete wedding prep here at St Pats but have my wedding ceremony at another parish or diocese? Yes.

Wedding prep overview:

  • Meet with marriage prep coordinator

  • Meet with priest/deacon at parish, complete Prenuptial Questionnaire, schedule wedding date

  • FOCCUS Inventory and meetings with mentor couple - complete inventory online, then mentor couple will guide you both in discussions about different areas of married life together -

  • Online Pre-Cana Marriage Prep class - complete class at your own pace at

  • Basic Catholic Teaching class - offered locally

  • Natural Family Planning class - local and online options

  • We C.A.R.E. class - Communications and Relationship Enhancement class, offered locally

  • Read together Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Married, by Gary Chapman - available on Amazon

  • Work through Together For Life booklet to select readings, prayers, and other options for marriage ceremony - available on Amazon

  • Make a good confession - confession times at St Pats

  • Apply for marriage license - contact county office of residence