God has called us to be in a loving relationship with Him and worship His majesty forever. Songs and music, according to the example in Scripture and throughout Catholic tradition, is a paramount artform through which we give praise, adoration, and intimate worship to God in our personal lives as well as in corporate Church.

In this worship we encounter God and His presence, both in our sung prayer to Him, our meditation on who His is, and through His embrace of love to us. In the Catholic Mass, we also encounter God by consuming His Body and Blood from the re-presentation of the sacrifice of Christ.

Musicians at St. Patrick are called to be practicing Christians who have a living prayer life and who daily seek to know God intimately. They are also called to lead other Christians in worship. This requires personal spiritual growth, an understanding of sacramental worship, and competency in musical skills.

New persons interesting in supporting or leading in the music ministry at St. Patrick are welcome. If you are interested in any capacity (helps, organization, vocal or instrumental performance, directing, accompanying, or worship leadership), please contact Stephen Royal at


Office Assistants

Office Assistants help with organization of music, musician lists, and certain communications.


Cantors lead the congregation in singing Scripture, the ordinaries, songs, and hymns.  Cantors are interviewed, auditioned, and trained a few weeks before leading the Mass.

The Traditional Choir

The Traditional Choir leads the congregation at the Sunday 9:30 AM Mass with the cantor, pipe organ, and piano with traditional and classical 3 and 4 -part repertoire. The 4th week of every month is reserved for Renaissance choral works. Gregorian chant will be sung during Lent. This is not an auditioned group, but experience in choirs or in note reading is helpful. The Traditional Choir rehearses on Thursday evening, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM, with certain sections rehearsing an additional 20 minutes, and Sundays at 9:00 AM before Mass. The choir sings from September through Pentecost. Members pray specifically for each other and the congregation.

Contemporary Ensemble 1

Contemporary Ensemble 1 leads the congregation, with cantors and as a group, in singing a mix of traditional hymnody, music from GIA and OCP Publications, contemporary Christian praise and worship (Hillsong, Bethel) songs, and occasional classical repertoire. It also provides 3 and 4-part choral anthems during the prelude before the Mass and/or during communion. Participants play guitars, woodwinds, brass, keyboards, and percussion. All musicians read notated music. This is an auditioned group that leads the Saturday 5:00 PM Mass. Rehearsals are Tuesdays, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM, and Saturdays from 4:15 – 4:45 PM. Members pray with each other and often have fellowship and evenings out after rehearsals.

Contemporary Ensemble 2

Contemporary Ensemble 2 is ideally led by a single worship leader or a praise and worship band (guitars, keyboards, percussion) led by a competent worship leader. Praise and worship music is taken from Hillsong, Bethel, original material, and other sources. This ensemble is in a development stage. It is scheduled to lead worship at the 11:30 AM Sunday Mass, but another contemporary ensemble could play at the Sunday 5:00 PM Mass as well. Currently, contemporary Christian music is led by cantor and keyboard. This is an auditioned group and requires members to read chord charts and have some improvisation skills. Members may be asked to form a small group of prayer and intercession, as well as use techniques used by the International House of Prayer.

The Hand Bell Choir

The Hand Bell Choir plays for special seasons, such as Advent, Christmas, and Easter. Currently, most positions are filled; however, there is always room for hand bell substitutes who can read hand bell rhythms. The rehearsals will be announced through the church bulletin.

A Middle School and Children’s Choir

A Middle School and Children’s Choir will perform for special seasons such as Christmas Eve and Eastertide. Children will rehearse during and after school hours at St. Patrick School for 6 weeks prior to a concert or event. More information will be given in the church bulletin. 

Organists, pianists, and accompanists

Organists, pianists, and accompanists are welcome to audition to play for Mass or substitute for Mr. Royal. They should be skilled in traditional/classical piano techniques, be able to read notation, and have possibly some repertoire to perform for preludes and postludes. Accompanists must have experience in following a conductor.

Contemporary music

Contemporary music for our teen Mass is provided by the Youth Director and teens once a month at the Sunday 5:00 PM Mass. For information, contact Kate Baumer at 810-229-9863, Ex. 208.

Any questions? Contact the Music Director, Stephen Royal, at