God has called us to be in a loving relationship with Him. Because of His enduring love, patience, beauty and power, we worship Him with the help of the Holy Spirit given us a Baptism, completed through Confirmation, and expanding through further experiences in the Holy Spirit. According to the Scriptures and Catholic Tradition, music is a paramount art form through which we praise, love, and worship Him.

The binding Church document, Sacrosanctum Concilium, states that God reveals and gives His Presence to us in four primary ways during the Mass; (1) in the Body and Blood of Christ (the Eucharist), (2) in the Word of God as preached through the Scriptures and Homily, (3) in the priest, who is sacramentally in the Person of Christ, and (4) in the “singing of the assembly.” Hence, liturgical music is meant to (1) beautify the above sacramental celebrations for the glory of God, and (2) engage the assembly in the Presence, Person, and Power of God through song. Indeed, there are times when we can spiritually “feel” the Presence of God in the singing and silence. These are the goals of liturgical music.

Persons interested in participating in the music ministry at St. Patrick should contact the Director of Music, Stephen C. Royal, at


Cantors, Psalmists, and Worship Leaders

Cantors and Worship Leaders lead the congregation in sung prayer, both meditatively and with the intention of prayerfully engaging the Presence of God in our midst. Cantors lead the congregation with hymns/songs and the ordinaries. Psalmists sing the psalm from the ambo. Worship Leaders lead the congregation as cantors do; however, they are also responsible for leading an ensemble by their voice, instrument, or hand signals. The Music Director, Stephen Royal, generally rehearses all musicians and delegates the distribution of music in coordination with the Worship Leader. These roles are auditioned.

The Traditional Choir

The Traditional Choir is directed by the Music Director, Stephen Royal. It leads the congregation and sings one or two choral anthems at the 9:30 Sunday Mass from Labor Day to Pentecost Sunday, with some weeks off after Christmas season. The Traditional Choir sings with professional musicians or other choirs at special events. They also receive training through additional workshops throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on 3 or 4-part harmony with good tonal blending, articulation, and dynamic phrasing. A background in reading notation is helpful. Midweek rehearsals are in the church on Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:15 PM, with some sectionals at 8:15 – 8:30 PM. Sunday rehearsals are in the chapel at 9:00 AM for warm-ups and run through with the help of the Assistant Choral Director. This is not an auditioned group.

The Saturday Blended Ensemble

The Blended Ensemble lead the congregation primarily at the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass, although they occasionally may serve at the Sunday 11:30 Mass. This ensemble provides a mix of traditional hymnody, contemporary Christian music, and some classical instrumental music. Instrumentalists play guitar, strings, keyboard and organ, woodwinds, and percussion. Singers read notation and sing in three or four-part harmony. Rehearsals are Tuesdays, beginning at 7:00 PM (instrumental set up begins at 6:30 PM) and lasts until 8:30 PM. Traditionally, members go out for fellowship after rehearsals. The Ensemble leads Masses from Labor Day through Pentecost Sunday. This is an auditioned group.

The Sunday 11:30 AM Contemporary Ensemble

Beginning in September, the 11:30 Contemporary Ensemble will be led by a Worship Leader, primarily in contemporary praise and worship music. Instrumentalists play guitars, strings, keyboards, and percussion. Instrumentalists are required to read or improvise with chord charts in coordination with the rest of the group. Singers often sing 2 and 3-part harmony by ear (as rehearsed) as a background to the Worship Leader, who in turn leads the congregation with the melody. This is an auditioned group.

Harp and Bowl Worship Ensembles

In 2019 we will be starting Harp and Bowl ensembles. Taken from imagery of incense and intercession in the Book of Revelations, Harp and Bowl teams worship God with Scripture and prophetic singing. Training will initially be provided by representatives from the school of the Kansas City International House of Prayer. These ensembles do not play for Mass; instead they play before the Lord in the church at scheduled times. Persons may come and sing, worship, pray with the ensembles in an environment conducive for meditation, intercession, and healing. Examples of this worship can be found by googling streams through the International House of Prayer. Intercessors, readers, and musicians are accepted by through training, interview, or audition.

The Teen Choir

Middle School cantors have occasionally formed an effective choir for weekend Masses. We are hoping to expand that to include High School singers beginning in September of 2019, who will sing once a month. The teen singers generally sing contemporary Christian music in unison, but they are also required to learn some historic hymns and Latin chant. This choir will sing either at the 11:30 Mass once a month with the Contemporary Ensemble or at the Sunday 5:00 PM Mass. There are no auditions; however, all singers sing into microphones.

Organists, Pianists, and Soloists

Instrumentalists and Vocal Soloists are encouraged to offer their talents for Sundays and Holy Days. Musicians will be accepted on audition and/or personal references.

The Handbell Choir

The handbells currently play for Lent. We are looking for a director of handbells that can resurrect the former 3-4 octave group to play throughout the year.

Sound Crew

The St. Patrick Sound Crew works under the direction of a part-time Sound Engineer. Crew members learn to set up sound equipment and engage with professional equipment and software. They mix and balance the sounds of priests, deacons, readers, and musician

For information and opportunities, contact Stephen Royal, Director of Music, at